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If you are like most people, you believe that live music is one of the top five things in all of life. Everyone loves to hear flesh and blood musicians on a stage rather than just recorded music. If you can swing this option for your wedding ceremony, it would raise the status of your wedding into the stratosphere. Keep in mind that live bands are not cheap, but they can be memorable. Of course, you want the really good memories so you might want some help in searching for the perfect live band for your wedding. When you start looking around the Charlotte area, consider the guidelines we have laid out below and we are fairly confident that your search will end in a wedding band that will knock you and your guests out.

To put it simply, there are a lot of horrible live bands out there. The last thing that you want is to end up with one of them. One of the pitfalls that you want to be very aware of is trying to work through a booking agency where members of a band also act as an agent. This is a double life that they lead and it can lead you down the wrong path very quickly. When you deal with one of these double agents, their only aim is to get you to book their band no matter what is best for you. They will not introduce you to bands of a higher quality and even a more reasonable price. So, this is very bad for you and you want to be on the lookout for this. Another trick that a booking agent will pull on you is to make you believe you are booking one band and on your wedding day, a completely different band show up.

Your best best is to use word of mouth to find out about great bands that you might want to book. Ask yourself what type of band you would like for your wedding. Do you want a rock and roll band, a band that has a brass section, or something closer to classical. This is an important decision to make early on so that you know what you are looking for. Now, go back to the list you have made based on your network of people. Do a little bit of internet research on each one and match up the style you are looking for with your list. This should provide you with a shortlist of bands to check out.

Something we cannot stress enough is to try and go see any band you are considering in person. Find out where they are playing and go check them out. This will be an invaluable experience. You will get to see first hand the kind of affect they have on the crowd, what they sound like musically and through the sound system, and the kind of stage presence they have. If this absolutely cannot be setup for whatever reason, ask to view a DVD of a recent performance, preferably a wedding.

When you finally have a list that you actually want to talk to, setup some interviews. As them if the band you viewed live or on DVD is the exact band that will show up to your wedding. You will be very disappointed if the band showed up without that amazing singer they had in the performance you saw. Talk about how long you would like them to play and see if that works for them. Also, are they willing to learn any songs just for your wedding and if so, how much extra would that cost? Are they willing to serve as emcees of the reception? Make sure you talk over the order of events and ask them if this is something they have done much in the past. If you are satisfied with all of the answers you receive, see what kind of packages they offer and book them as soon as you can.

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