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You have always dreamed of the perfect wedding. And that means beautiful flowers, an amazing venue, excellent photography, and a wedding cake that not only tastes great, but also serves as beautiful d├ęcor. So, how do you go about choosing the right wedding cake for you and your style. It should be a very personalized thing. The Charlotte area has plenty of bakeries, but only one wedding cake with your name on. Let us help you find that perfect cake for your wedding.

The main choices in cake coverings nowadays is either buttercream or fondant. We recommend going with fondant for a number of reasons. It can be molded into anything you want, it holds its structure, and you can easily paint it. Some people don't like fondant because they have tasted a variety that is not very tasty. We recommend searching around and tasting various types in your search. There are brands that can be quite good in terms of taste. Buttercrean tastes amazing but will not hold its body for very long especially if the cake is out in the heat or in the lights for very long.

A lot of people ask about adorning a cake with sugar flowers as opposed to real flowers. Fresh flowers are less expensive, but you can do so much more with sugar flowers. This is one of those choices that really is very subjective. If you are looking for a design flair that only sugar flowers can give you, then you will want to discuss this issue with any potential cake maker you meet with.

If money is a real concern and you have to stick to a certain budget, you might want to consider scaling down your wedding cake and having your baker make some inexpensive sheet cakes for your guests to consume. And if you are worried about the wow factor of a smaller cake, you needn't be. It is all about the presentation. Even if you have a smaller cake created, if it is displayed on the right sized table and with the right adornments around it, the cake can still come off with an awesome presentation.

You will want to take your time with your baker in terms of designing exactly what you want. Most cake makers have huge catalogs which you can look through to gain inspiration. You may see something that you want replicated. If you have no idea of where to being, a quality cake maker should be able to draw out of you pertinent details about your wedding them and vision. When you meet with any potential cake make, make sure you bring with you your color scheme, pictures of your venue, your flowers, and your gown.

Of course, design is one thing, but you still want the cake to taste great. Make sure you sit down with your potential cake maker for a tasting. If there is a unique flavor that really knocks you out, make sure you reference this in your notes. Once you have gathered notes on every potential baker, have a heart to heart about which ones stood out. Don't just consider price alone. If you really liked one in particular but they cost a little bit more, we suggest going with who will really make you happy.

Be sure to check out some preferred bakers right here!

If you're still looking for a wedding cake in the area, we've got a great suggestion for you. Sweet Promises is a great option for wedding cakes! Located in Asheville, this bakery truly knows how to make some masterpieces, as they're known throughout the state. They offer simple, elegant cakes, rolled fondant cakes, fall and winter designs, as well as square cakes and cupcakes! Regardless of what you're looking for, this is a professional option that you shouldn't pass up. Click the example on the left to go to their website!



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