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So now it has come time to go searching for your wedding caterer. If you take any of vendor searches seriously, you will want to put this search at the top of your priority list. There is nothing at your wedding that your guests look forward to more than eating some tasty and well prepared food. But beware, while the Charlotte area has some very professional caterers that will do right by you and your wedding, there are also some caterers who you could hire that might serve your guests rubbery chicken or tasteless cuisine. That is why doing some investigative work is the only way to go when you are seeking such an important vendor in the overall scope of your wedding plans. You should really be looking for three main elements as you search for your wedding caterer. You need to find someone who will serve excellent high quality food. You also need someone who will provide to you and to your guests outstanding service in every way. And third, you need a caterer who will not be overcome with the enormity of the task at hand but who is experienced enough to handle every little detail or challenge thrown at them. Your best plan of attack is to start searching the Charlotte area for potential high quality candidates. There are a few ways in which you can do this. You can search online and look at either the individual caterer's website or you can check out wedding vendor websites like The Knot. Of course, there is also your family and friends, they may have been to a wedding recently that was just fabulous in the food department. Once you have a few candidates that you deem worthy of being considered for your wedding, you will want to contact each one and see if they have your wedding date available. If they do, find out if they can meet with you to discuss your wedding needs and the possibility that they might be the vendor to fulfill those needs. We have provided some words of wisdom to you as you start your search, these guidelines should help you to experience some great cuisine on your special day.

As you sit down with each potential candidate to discuss your job opportunity, it is always helpful to discuss your budget right off of the bat. This way, they can tell you immediately what can be done and what can't be done for what you feel you can spend. Most caterers have setup levels of service called packages. You should take a close look at these packages and find the one that most closely resembles what you want for your wedding while still being in your price range. Also, in terms of price, it is helpful if you know what exactly is included in the prices the caterer tells you and what is not. For instance, does the caterer provide tableware and linens? If they say no, then remember you will be responsible for finding a different vendor to handle this and therefor additional cost.

The main thing that you want to obtain from your caterer is a very high quality of food. This means stunning presentation as well as taste. Ask each candidate to bring their portfolio with them in order to show you food that they have served at previous weddings they have worked. Do they have professional, commercial facilities? Do they work with a team of assistants? Talk about whether they offer a tasting experience. This will be invaluable to you as you get to experience the quality of their food, their style, and the presentation firsthand. This will also give you a chance to see how your own vision can be taken by the caterer in order to produce something that you will be totally contented with.

Talk quite a bit about their experience. You will want to make sure that they have catered numerous weddings. Find out what their specialty is if they have one. Ask them for at least 5 references and call each one up to find out how their experience was with the caterer. You can also fin more independent reviews by searching online for the candidates name. Discuss the level of service that they like to provide. Ask specific questions about how many servers will be there at your reception. Do you feel that this is enough? These tips should help you narrow down your choice to one particular favorite. Once that happens, you will be able to rest easy as your reception will be in good hands.

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