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The right wedding DJ can have your guests on their feet and having a blast throughout the entire reception. The wrong wedding DJ can have your guests running for the exits. So, taking some time to read the following guide that we have put together concerning finding and booking a wedding DJ in the Charlotte area would be time well spent.

There are plenty of sources to find prospective names of wedding DJs. Talk to your network of family and friends, check with your other wedding vendors or even the venue that you have booked. (If you've checked out the book "Planning your Ultimate Wedding", you know that One Stop Live is a great choice!)At least this way, you are not just shooting in the dark. When you call your potential DJs to find out if they have your wedding date open on their calendar, do a quick gauge to get a feel for their professionalism and their attitude. You want to make sure they show a true desire to make your wedding better. This shouldn't be treated like a side gig for some extra money. This needs to be their passion and their profession. If they have your date open, setup a time to meet in person.

When you meet with each candidate, make sure that you discuss specific details about your wedding and the events that will take place at the reception. Listen to what kind of ideas the DJ throws out in order to tailor your event to be a special one. Talk about them serving as emcee as well if that is your desire. Ask them about their style and how they run a reception schedule. You will want to get some sample wedding DVDs from them as well so that you can see them in action. You don't want to be caught off guard by their style.

Talk a lot about music. How much input will they allow you to have in the play list? You will want to go over this with them in depth because half of the music they normally play may be in your hated column. This is a very important topic to discuss with them because it is your wedding and you should be happy about the tunes that are played, its not about the DJ and what they like, its all about your special day.

Now, you might think we are going to get really technical here, but we are not. You want to ask any potential DJ what digital format their music is stored in. Listen closely to the answer. If the say all of their files are in .wav format, then you are good to go and need to proceed no further. Wave files are the highest quality audio files out there and this is what you want played at your ceremony. If they say MP3 format, then run for the high hills. MP3 files are highly compressed and have lost 80% of their original recording information. When played on powerful, high quality speakers, they sound just awful. You want to avoid having MP3 files at your wedding.

Ask what kind of sound equipment your DJ uses. It needs to be pro-grade equipment which is made to hold up over time and deliver high quality output. Once they tell you the brands of their equipment, make sure you write down the names and then do some research on the internet as to what grade that brand is. Another question a lot of people don't think to ask is what back-up plan the DJ has. What happens if they get into an accident the day or your wedding or if they wind up in the hospital with an illness. It may not seem like a possibility, but you never know, so it is best to be prepared.

When talking prices, do a comparison of all of the quotes that you get. If one seems way out of bounds in terms of a low price, just cross them off your list because the old adage that you get what you pay for is usually true. If one is extremely high, ask yourself why. Do they have a lot more experience or training that the others? Are they more highly rated in reviews and by references? Consider all angles and then hire the wedding DJ you think is the best quality for the money.