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You have been to many weddings and all you ever see are the same flower arrangements. You are determined that this not going to be you so you are looking for some tips on cutting edge floral designs. You figure that you only do this once, so why not be creative. The Charlotte area has some trendy floral shops that you will want to visit. We are here to help you when you do.

This is kind of a funny line you will be walking. Sometimes it is the florists who are just entering the industry that are the most open minded and on the cutting edge of creativity. They usually have not fallen into any habits or fall backs yet. Of course the other side of this coin is that these florists have not done as many weddings as really experienced ones have. So sometimes you might feel like you are taking more of a chance on a newbie. Try to look for a mix of the two. Someone that has experience that you are satisfied with but at the same time has not lost the creative edge and isn't designing the same flower arrangements they did in the 1980s.

One of the biggest trends in wedding flowers today are hand-tied bouquets with ivy or orchids hanging down. This design give you an amazingly creative cascading feeling. It is truly amazing how simplistic it is and there is a sense of going back to another time or era. Whoever you hire as your florist, make sure you sit down and do a lot of talking about your ideas for design and vision. A really good florist can help you to pick out even inexpensive flowers that can be arranged in such an amazing way that no one even notices.

One thing that can really help you as an amateur coming to the situation is to do a lot research about flowers. Find out what flowers will hold up the best for the entire day. Make sure you share all of your ideas with your potential florist. Don't be afraid to ask anything. You need to have a comfort level with who you are going to work with. They should be able to tell you if your ideas just can't be done within your budget. Pick their brains a lot, that is why they are there, they are the expert. Ask yourself if you are building a trust with the person you are talking with because in the end, your relationship must be built on that.

One concept that a lot of people have a hard time dealing with is simplicity. Its a concept that is stated something in graphic design, simplify, simplify, simplify. You can get your wedding areas and arrangements so complex and convoluted that they are a little bit confusing to people and they don't even know why. Guard against this happening. Sometimes simplicity is truly better.

In terms of cost, we strongly encourage you to use flowers that are in-season. If you want to blow right past your budget number, try using all flowers that are out of season. Do some research and try and find out how much flowers are at certain times of the year. The more educated you are about flowers and specifically about the cost of flowers, the more you will be able to have a great conversation with your potential florist about what can be done within a certain range. At your meeting, come prepared with a list of flowers you will need. The watchwords are research and preparation in finding and working with the right florist for you and your wedding needs.