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Once you have agreed to tie the knot, what is one of the first steps towards a beautiful wedding? It is a beautiful invitation. You want to announce to the world the great news and so you need an amazingly designed invitation to do just that. You want to make sure that you find and hire the designer who can incorporate everything you need into your invitation including your style and your wedding theme and color scheme. A professional designer will know how to pull all of this together so that you have a cohesive and very professional look and feel. Remember, your invitations will be the very first time that most people find out about your amazing event and you want to make the very best first impression that you could possible make. As you start to look around the Charlotte area at some great designers that are out there, you will want to ask some very specific questions of anyone that you consider in order to help you make your decision on who your invitation designer should be. We have provided a guide below that you help you to do just that.

When you find some potential candidates that you feel might be of the quality that you are looking for, here are some specific questions that you will want to ask of those candidates. We put a huge premium on experience because it truly is a great teacher. So, first and foremost, ask how long the designer has been in business. What is their background in terms of design? What are they doing to continually grow in the field of design? Do they do their printing in-house or do they outsource? There is a lot of discussion about which is better, but we feel that as long as you are doing this early enough in the overall scope of your wedding plans and you are comfortable with the price, either one is acceptable.

Have a discussion about custom designs versus templates. A lot of this comes down to who you are and what your heart is set on. If you are determined to have an absolute one of a kind design, the custom is the way that you will want to go and you will want to know that it will cost you more. Many brides are completely satisfied with a template design. Again, it is your call. Talk about your options in terms of colors, paper type, ink, fonts and more. We recommend that you order all of your printing needs from the same designer because not only will everything look consistent in every way, You can usually gain a discount because of it too.

When you start to discuss price, find out how much it will be to mail your wedding invitation per piece. How long will it take to receive the completed invitations? Who will assemble all of the pieces of the invitation. We highly recommend that you make use of the designers services here. And then of course, what about addressing all of those invitations. Are you satisfied with digitally printed envelopes? Or do you want to splurge for hand-lettered calligraphy. We admit, it is stunning and it does make an amazing impression. These are the main topics that you need to discuss when you head out into the wild world of invitation designers. Once you have all of your answers, you should be ready to compare and make a final decision. Once you have your very own invitation designer in the fold, you are ready to get busy and make all of your friends and family aware of how your life is about to change.