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This is it, your big day, in fact, the biggest day of your life. And we understand that you want everything to be as perfect as possible. And of course that includes everything from your entertainment at your reception to your catering services to your flowers. But this also includes the person who leads your wedding ceremony, your officiant. One of the main things that you will want to keep in mind as you search around the Charlotte area for your officiant is that they must be legally recognized by the state in your your wedding takes place in order for you wedding to be a legal one. There is one additional caveat to this rule. If you are interested in a religious ceremony, the officiant you choose needs to be qualified in the eyes of their religious organization. Whichever way you choose to go in terms of the type of officiant that you are looking for, we highly recommend that you do not give this search short shrift because you will find very quickly that an experienced and professional wedding officiant will make you feel very comfortable from start to finish and their grasp of everything that is supposed to happen at your ceremony will make everything come off very professionally and just as you hoped it would. Below are some words of wisdom as to what to look for in terms of your very own officiant.

One of the growing trends in terms of wedding officiants is having a friend or family member officiate your wedding. This can presently happen because there are online organizations where a person can gain ministerial credentials for one day. This may be very important to you and if so, it is certainly an option. Whatever type of person you decide on to officiate your wedding, there are some traits you will want to consider as you begin to look at candidates. For anyone that you talk with, consider their personality. Does it seem like they would add life to your ceremony? Or would they be more of a wet noodle? You will want to take this very seriously because it is your officiant who will affect the tone of your ceremony more than anyone else.

We realize that many couples do not have a clue as to where to even begin looking for their officiant. A good start is checking out wedding websites which list out wedding vendors. And you can usually narrow these down to your area. Also, you can ask your other wedding vendors if you have hired any. This is a great source of information because they will probably have seen many candidates perform and can give you honest feedback. In addition, these websites also provides reviews and testimonials. If this doesn't give you enough, you can always type in any name you are interested right into Google and you might be surprised what pops up.

Once you see some officiants in the Charlotte area that you really think are worthy of your consideration, you can sit down with each one and discuss your wedding day and your needs. At each meeting, feel free to ask any question you are curious about. Keep in mind that you want to choose someone who can and will serve you well and who will make everything go smoothly. While we realize that your wedding ceremony is very short, if you hire an officiant who does not handle everything in a professional manner, it could make for a very long night.