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Now that you are engaged, we realize that you and your fiance have been have discusses about many different wedding topics. And one of these topis is undoubtedly which vendors are absolutely necessary and which ones are not. Many brides, for some reason, do not even consider hiring a videographer. There are a couple of different reasons for this. One is that because they are already hiring a photographer to document their wedding, they feel like videography is overkill. The reason for this is that most people do not understand the benefits that come from hiring a videographer. What you need to realize is that photography just doesn't capture what videography can. What about the sounds of your wedding. Everything from your vows to guests who want to relay a special message to toasts at your reception. You will have those captured forever. Videography will capture a running timeline, not just a moment in time. And if this doesn't convince you, keep in mind that roughly 80% of brides regret not hiring a videographer after their weddings are long over. So, as you head out into the Charlotte area to look for your very own professional wedding videographer, here are some helpful hints as to what to look for and how to determine which videographer out there is the one for you and your special day.

If you are truly looking to make the best possible hire you can, then it would be very helpful if you start to read up on various videography styles that are out there. You want a person who is going to have a good grasp on the style that you like the best. A good example of this is the documentary style. Someone who captures a wedding in this style captures everything in a chronological fashion. But the footage will be very natural and not posed for the most part. This results in very natural looks in all of the footage. But there are other styles, find out which one meshes with what you love the most. Also, there is another benefit here, you will know and understand the vocabulary that a videographer will bring up in your conversations. Start viewing portfolio footage online and ask yourself which style that footage represents.

When you start to meet with potential professionals, sit down and talk to them about your wedding needs. You want to see at least two full wedding videos they have done. A full video is very different than a finished wedding video. This is your chance to see how the candidate would operate at your wedding. Do you like what you see? How long they have been in business? Experience is key in this vocation. Learning by doing is part of the gig. Make a determination on whether the candidate will be a pleasure to work with or not. And remember, they will be interacting with your special guests all day long so you want to make sure that your family and friends will be treated with the utmost respect.

Prices can really vary depending on what level of service you are looking for. Once they know your budget, have them come up with possible suggestions as to what they might be able to do for your budget number. After all of this footwork, you should be able to narrow your search down to one specific candidate. When you do, you should ask for a written contract which specifies all of the services that you want for the amount they are going to charge you.

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